Save money while you shop

Save Summer Shopping

Small savvy savings make a big difference over time. I’m setting myself a massive challenge this year to save with my Entertainment Membership. Here’s my plan.

First, I’m going to sign up to all my favourite retail brands including Seed, Lorna Jane, Country Road and JB Hi-Fi. I’m then going to pre-purchase my discount eGift Cards for each brand and then wait for the monthly and season sales to save even more.

For example, each year when I shop at Lorna Jane I usually purchase:

  • 2 x pairs of tights at approx. $100 each
  • 3 x new tops at approx. $50 each
  • 1 x hoodie at approx. $100 each
  • 1 x active pant approx. $100 each

That’s a total of spend of $550 a year. My plan is to wait for the next Lorna Jane 25% off sale and use my discount eGift card voucher to purchase. Based on the $550 I spend; I would save $137.00 with the 25% off discount and a further $36.09 using my pre-purchased Lorna Jane discount e-Gift Card Voucher from my Entertainment Membership!

That’s a full savvy saving of $173.59 on only one brand by just shopping a little smarter. Imagine the potential gain when multiplying these discounts and savings across all your favourite brands!

You’re welcome

Meet the writer: Poppy Oliver

Poppy works in the Entertainment marketing team based in Sydney. A self-confessed shopaholic and dog lover, she loves beautiful things but also loves a bargain. Poppy's Entertainment Membership brings the best of both worlds. She has been a big fan of the Membership (even before working here) and is super passionate about supporting fundraisers. Poppy loves that we offer a win win by contributing to great causes while offering the best collection of offers across Australia and New Zealand.