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Katherine Chiu for Salvation Army - Melbourne

About Us

Please support the Salvation Army as we are doing it really tough. The Salvation Army has a wonderful cafe which serves free meals to the homeless every day. They also have some other services to help people get back on their feet such as the Streat teams and Transit teams which you would see roaming about the city at night time.

Last year it was reported in the Age that there were about 247 people homeless and that number continues to grow. The cafe serves about 90 people for breakfast and 100-150 people for lunch. The Lord Mayor is planning to evict the homeless off the CBD streets. Many of these people develop some sort of mental and health problems over time.

A rough idea of how many books would buy someone (note: 20% of profits of the book sold goes to the Salvation Army).

One copy of the book would get someone a meal, two copies of the book would buy someone a weeks supply of toiletries, four copies of the book would buy someone a week’s worth of food.

Five to six copies of the book sold will buy someone a myki and some money on it so that they can travel for three weeks.

Without your support the cafe would not be able to function and the support would be diminished for the homeless. Please give hope and help get these homeless into somewhere great

Contact Katherine Chiu
Phone Number 0405947688
Address 360 Swanston st MELBOURNE, VIC 3000