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Poundwatch was founded by Sue in 1971

We now have a 5acre kennel property which offers a safe haven for 50 dogs, cats, geese, ducks, chooks and roosters.  We also support an array of beautiful birds, especially the black cockies and have a safe bushland for many bandicoots, bobtails and the odd kangaroo.

We have some permanent residents that live in a spacious, relaxed home setting.  Many of these are elderley and have "attitude" or disabilities that make re-homing not an option.

Many arrivals from the Pound system are in poor condition and require more than just sterilisation vaccination and microchipping, bad ears, eye ulcers, cherry eyes, joint injuries, mange, hernias, to name a few.

Just this week blood testing  for Misty Too -  Hyoerthyroidism and little Snowy, pathology, testicular cancer and hernia repair.

All entertainment book monies and donations go straight to Vet Expenses.

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Contact Dani McKenna
Phone Number 0417172718
Address 36 Berkeley Crescent FLOREAT, WA 6014