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Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage

About Us

Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage is Victoria's First No Kill Pet Rabbit Rescue and the official chapter of the House Rabbit Society Australia. It is a public charity, run by a committee under Australian Law, with membership and a small dedicated group of volunteers. The Orphanage receives no government funding and is reliant on donations and fundraising. It is an entity that belongs to all people that care about the welfare of pet rabbits.


The Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage aims to:

  • provide care for sick, unwanted, stray, or mistreated rabbits
  • facilitate
    • appropriate short-term care
    • medical treatment
    • rehabilitation treatment
    • long-term re-homing solutions
  • educate the public on rabbit ownership and care
  • prevent unnecessary euthanasia of rabbits
  • discourage cruelty to rabbits


From November 2017 to February 2018, the Orphanage has taken in 120 rabbits, at a cost of $300 per rabbit to prepare them for rehoming. This means that we need to raise $31,200 for their vet care.  Amongst them there are a number of special needs rabbits that require extensive surgeries adding further costs.


Your purchase of an entertainment book will help allow us to continue providing these rabbits with the appropriate vet care needed to prepare them for rehoming.


Thank you.



Contact Chia-Jung Lee
Phone Number 433198220
Address 19 Stanley Street OLINDA, VIC 3788