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Ipswich Hospital Foundation

About Us

Ipswich Hospital Foundation is committed to dreaming big and seeks for the West Moreton Region to Become the Healthiest Community in Australia in partnership with local health service, West Moreton Health. Ipswich Hospital Foundation provides support to the community iby providing low cost fitness activities, access to healthy events, motivation and incentive,  as well as funding for the provision of medical equipment, staff education, training and professional development, health and medical research and digital hospital. Our partner West Moreton Health has transitioned to the integrated electronic medical record (iemr) program and provides technology driven care closer to home for patients and Ipswich Hospital Foundation is taking the journey by funding the upgrade of some technologies and staff training.

Research in the West Moreton region is making a real difference to the lives of patients and Ipswich Hospital Foundation is proud to support research in a number of ways – funding research projects, scholarships, presentations and the annual Research Awards.

Contact Brendan Modini
Phone Number 1300 736 428
Address PO Box 878 IPSWICH, QLD 4305