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By purchasing an Entertainment Book through Volta Aid Foundation, you are directly contributing to the development of the Volta Region and of the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in Ghana. Volta Aid Foundation retains 20% from each sale and this goes straight into our development fund. Our projects seek to empower women and children to take control of their own lives through education, health awareness and skills training. Our past achievements are modest but tangible, and together with our volunteers and donors we have positively impacted schools, orphanages, rural communities, health clinics and thousands of individuals.

 Our three ongoing projects that your support will aide are:
- Setting up a skills training work-space for disadvantaged women
- Education sponsorship for children and young people in need
- Development of a social enterprise to sustain our operations locally

Contact Ashley Bulgarelli
Phone Number 0429061359
Address 11 Teenan Street FERNY HILLS, QLD 4055