Book Membership

Entertainment is going 100% Digital!
Why have you stopped printing? We love the book.

We can genuinely say that the essence of the books which have been an iconic part of Entertainment for 25 years will be kept alive through the Digital Membership. We are very excited about the opportunities that the Digital Membership presents and our ability to add much more value for our Members, Fundraisers and Merchants.

Currently 60% of our members are using the Entertainment App, a figure we have seen steadily grow each year. We also know that when a member switches from the book to the App, they redeem more offers and would repurchase the App over the Book the following year due to having saved more.

We have many Members who purchase their Entertainment Book each year and we are excited to bring them on the journey with us because we know they will love the App as much as they do their Book. We’re going to make sure that our Entertainment Book Members can trial the Entertainment App for free, well before the Membership season concludes. We have already had a number of Members tell us that they are excited and will have the chance to reuse some of their favourite offers twice in one season.

The Entertainment App allows you to easily search on the spot for offers nearby your home or work, and you can redeem them instantly with just a click. You won’t ever miss an opportunity to save because you’ve left your voucher at home, and the need to carry a heavy book around with you.

Going 100% Digital also means that when we partner with new merchants (which we’re regularly doing throughout the year) or sign some special promotional offers, they can be automatically added to the Digital Membership, making them available for use instantly, than to wait for the next year’s book season. For the restaurants and businesses that are part of the program, it allows us to provide them with better reporting on how often their offer is used and how popular it is with Members. Being able to provide this valuable reporting to participating businesses means the popular offers will remain in our program year after year.

I don’t have a compatible smart phone. How can I access a Membership?

Don't have a smart phone? Use it on your tablet instead. We are aware that some of our loyal Members who do not have access to a smart phone, will unfortunately not be able use our new Digital Membership easily.

However, the good news is, if someone in the family has a smartphone, your Membership can be stored on compatible smartphones! Hopefully, you’ll be sharing your savings experience with someone, and they will be able to manage the redemption on their device for you.

How can I share vouchers like I used to?

The Entertainment App allows you to share your Membership with another device, this means you can access your Membership on your smartphone and your iPad or share Membership access with a family member.

How much data does it use or take up?

The Entertainment App works like any standard App and does not require large amounts of storage or data. The best thing is it also works offline and will update once you connect to Wi-Fi!

Will the Membership work in the same way? Will the Membership be the same price next year?

The Membership will work exactly the same way with access to all the special offers and savings.

What will be different is that the Membership will only be available as an App on a Smartphone, and you will have instant access to any new offers as they arise. Our product offering will also be slightly different, in that you can purchase a Single City Membership, a Multi City Membership (for the whole of Australia, New Zealand and Bali), which was formerly named the Explorer Membership. There will also be a new option to purchase a 1-year Multi City Membership or a 2-year Multi City Membership.

With our New Memberships comes a new pricing structure which sits at $69.99 for the Single City. The most popular Membership is the Multi City Membership because it unlocks all 21 cities at the price of $119.99 for one year. The best value of the new Memberships is the Multi Plus Membership, a 2-year version of the Multi City Membership, with offers refreshing after 1 year, ready to be enjoyed again – this Membership is for $235.99.  In addition to this, new offers will be regularly added and made available throughout the year as part of your Digital Membership at no additional cost.

When will the new Entertainment Membership go live and when will it expire?

If you currently have a book, it is still valid until 1 June 2020. Our Digital Memberships are already in use. Since the App launched 5 years ago, we have steadily seen the number of digital members increase with the number of digital members exceeding the number of book members.