Transition to 100% Digital
How will the season work given we used to send books home with families?

We are currently in the planning stages and are working through the best way to ensure that the information about our Memberships is well communicated, simple to download and easy to access. We’ll also ensure that for all of our current book Members, they have the opportunity to experience the digital version of our product early in 2020.

In terms of “sending a Membership home” as we have previously done, we have already trialled processes in particular markets and using these learnings, will roll out our strategy and communicate it clearly, well before the season commences.

This new approach does mean that you no longer have to track down any Books that are unwanted, or handle any cash, which means your fundraiser will be nicely streamlined and easier to manage!

Is there still going to be a launch?

We will be launching our new season Membership in early 2020, when the majority of fundraisers currently have us in their fundraising calendar, and when the majority of our Members will be looking to renew.

We’re still working through what our launches will look like, and we look forward to sharing further information with you closer to the time.

We use our free book as a raffle prize. Will we still be able to do that?

Yes. We have a new gift card function currently in development that we’re looking forward to releasing in late November. You will still have the option to offer a free Entertainment Membership as a gift that can be used as a prize in a raffle – it's delivery will just be digital instead. So, no heavy book to carry around.

Using the Book Memberhsip
How does the Entertainment fundraising program work?

Entertainment Memberships are sold by many fundraising organisations who receive 20% from each Membership sold. Your dedicated Account Manager will provide you with complimentary sales materials plus your own webpage to help you market and sell Memberships.

How do I receive fundraising money?

Any Memberships purchased through your Enteratinment webpage are automatically credited to your account. You will receive a statement each fortnight requesting full payment for any memberships that you sold for cash or by cheque. Payment options include cash in our office, cheques mailed to our office, over the phone with Visa or MasterCard or make a secure payment online.

At the end of the fundraising season, you will receive a deposit of the funds to your fundraising organisation or cause.

How often do I make payments?

Upon receipt of your statement you should always make a payment for any Books sold to date. It is important that both your records and our inventory are current.

Am I able to get a refund for Books after I have paid for them?

No. Because Entertainment Books are generally issued to organisations on consignment, once they have been paid for, the ‘sale-or-return’ option is no longer available.

Is there a minimum number of Entertainment Memberships we need to sell?

Yes. You need to sell ten (10) Memberships to receive the fundraising component.

Entertainment Book Consignment Payment Policy
  • Books must be sold for the retail price and you will earn 20% per Book sold.
  • You will receive a Tax Invoice/Statement from Entertainment Publications every fortnight. 
  • When you receive your Entertainment Tax Invoice/Statement, please make payment for all Books that you have sold to date within seven (7) days.  Books are provided on consignment as a valuable benefit to you and your organisation.  We are able to provide this benefit as long as regular payments are made.
  • Due to demand, Entertainment Publications may recall books that are unpaid at any time.  Re-orders for books are filled once your account is current, and are subject to availability.
How to Pay for your Entertainment Book Consignment

Whenever making a payment, please remember to include your Entertainment Account Number. Many organisations have similar names and we want to make sure that your account is appropriately credited.

Payment can be made in the following ways:

Credit card payments

To pay online, you can make a secure credit card payment by logging in to your fundraiser account at www.entertainmentbook.com.au/fundraisers.

To pay by phone, please contact your local Entertainment office.   

To pay by post, tear off the remittance form attached to your statement. Ensure credit card details are completed or attach a cheque payable to Entertainment Publications. Post the payment to your local Entertainment office

Please note that we only accept Visa and Mastercard. 

Direct deposits

Direct deposits can be made at any National Australia Bank using the the reference number found on your statement.

BSB: 082 212
Account: 647598189 


To set up BPAY for internet or phone banking, please contact your bank, credit union or building society.

You will need to enter the biller code and reference number found on your statement.

Biller code: 837971  

Website payments

Your customers can pay for the Entertainment book directly through your own payment page on our website.

Contact your Account Manager who can set up this payment process for you.