How do Entertainment Memberships work?

Memberships give you thousands of 2-for-1 and up to 50% off offers from many of the most popular restaurants, attractions, activities, shopping, accommodation in your area and more. There are three kinds of Entertainment Memberships that you can buy: Single City, Multi City (for the whole of Australia, New Zealand and Bali), or a 2-year Multi City Membership.

You can also nominate a fundraiser to support and they will receive 20% from your purchase.

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How do the Offers get redeemed at restaurants?

Simply present the Entertainment Gold Card, Voucher, or, for those with the Entertainment Digital Membership, the ‘Redeem Now’ screen for that restaurant on your phone, to the staff member when requesting your bill.

How can I buy an Entertainment Membership?

Entertainment Memberships are sold as a fundraiser through a variety of non-profit organisations, including major charities, community groups, associations, schools and social clubs, as well as sporting and recreational groups.

Choose who to support when placing your order.

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How do I activate my Entertainment Membership?

To begin using your Membership, please visit the Activation Page and enter the Activation Code. You can find the activation code in the confirmation email sent to your inbox.

How do I buy an Extra Entertainment Membership for family and friends?

After you buy a Membership, you will receive an Activation Code via email to forward to your friend. When they set up their account for the first time they can choose the city that is best for them.


How can I let my friends know about getting their own Entertainment Membership?

Within the Entertainment App there is a share function built in that allows you to share the information about where you purchased your Membership with your friends. Look for the ‘Help your friends get an Entertainment Membership’ button under the 'User' icon.


How do I share my Membership with my family?
The Entertainment Digital Membership can be shared with family members in your household on up to five different devices, but only one device can actively redeem offers at any one time. To share your Membership, the new user will need to confirm their device is compatible by downloading the Entertainment App from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

The new user will then log in with the primary email and password of the registered Member. Once the log in is successful, the new user will need to 'Create a name for their mobile device'.
How can I retrieve my forgotten password and/or login?

Simply head to password reset and we will email the details to you.

Are my personal details secure?

Entertainment Publications is committed to ensuring that, to the best of our ability, we meet all the requirements of the National Privacy Principles and the Privacy Act. For more information please refer to the Privacy policy page.

Can I use my Entertainment Membership on public and special holidays?

There are a few days each year, such as Mother's Day, when acceptance of Entertainment Memberships is not compulsory. These are noted in the Rules of Use. Many businesses choose to welcome Entertainment Members on these days, and they will be listed on the Optional Days web page.

Who are the current Entertainment Gold Awards and Hall of Fame winners and how can I vote?

The Entertainment Gold Awards recognise Entertainment Members' most popular businesses. After winning three Gold Awards, businesses are inducted into the Hall of Fame. To view the current winners or to vote for your favourites in your city, visit the Entertainment Gold Awards page.

Can I use Entertainment Memberships as a fundraiser for my club or organisation?

Entertainment Memberships are an easy way to raise money for your school, charity, community organisation or corporate social club. Find out more.

What do I do if my Entertainment Gold Card is lost or stolen?

Be careful with your Gold Card as there is only one per Book and a $35 charge for replacement. To order a replacement Card, contact your local office or order online.

I have a current 19/20 Membership however I can see 'Digital Membership Required' on the offers

Tap the 'User' icon and select 'Login’/‘Log out’ (whichever appears) and log back in with your email address and password linked to your account.

If you still see 'Digital Membership Required'on your offers, tap 'Search'. In a section outlined in gold it says ‘[YourCity] 19/20 Digital’.

If it has ‘[City] Preview’, tap into this section and select your 19/20 Digital subscription. Then, you can unselect the preview edition. You can see what Cities are selected by the diamond checkboxes on the right. 

Tap ‘Apply’ to save this preference and view your offers again.

I still need help. How can I contact Entertainment?

Contact Us:

1300 159 707
Email: mail@entertainmentbook.com.au

New Zealand
Phone: 0508 326 657
Email: support@entertainmentbook.co.nz