Participating Businesses

How do businesses benefit from being in the Entertainment program?
The Entertainment program is a proven method of introducing new customers to your business, through a one-off incentive. There is no charge to businesses that appear in the program.
How are offers redeemed?
There are two ways which offers can be redeemed.

  • Members with an Entertainment Book will present either a Gold Card or voucher. For Gold Card offers, you must scratch off the number on the back of the card which relates to your restaurant.
  • Members with a Digital Membership will present their phone or tablet, and tap the 'Redeem now' button. You should review the redemption screen, and record the redemption code.
How much is deducted from the dining bill?

All of the offers represent at least a main course or a main course equivalent.

  • If your offer is for a complimentary main course when another is purchased, deduct the least expensive main course up to the maximum value stated on your offer. If only one main course and one entree are ordered, deduct the entree as though it was the least expensive main course.
  • If your offer is for 25% off the total bill, deduct 25% off the total bill, up to the maximum value of your offer. If multiple cards or vouchers are used, deduct 25% off the total bill up to the combined value of the Gold Cards and vouchers.
When adults and children dine together, do I deduct the children's meals?
When two or more adults dine with children, the least expensive adult main course is complimentary. However, if only one adult dines with a child, deduct the child's main course.
Can I get an Entertainment Membership for my business and employees?

Yes. When your business joins the Entertainment program, you and your employees will be able to purchase an Entertainment Membership at an exclusive Partner Price. Contact Us or your Account Manager directly to learn more.