5 ways to save this Summer with Entertainment

If you’re budget conscious, looking to save money or are like me and simply want to do more of things you love for less, you need to get smart with your spending. An Entertainment Membership can help you save money on everything from fashion, travel and restaurants to fun activities, Christmas presents and everything in between. Here are my top tips for savvy summer shopping and savings:

1. Fashion for Me

If you’re anything like me and cringe at thought of paying for anything full-price, Entertainment has some seriously fab deals that will help you get more bang for your buck. I usually wait for the end-of-season sales to restock my wardrobe for the following year, but with 10% off at Country Road, I’m rethinking my strategy and might treat myself to some new maxi dresses sooner.

2. Fashion for Them

I recently scored some serious brownie points when I bought my partner some sweet new threads with my 20% discount at Nautica – never mind I also shopped for myself there too!

3. Summer Holidays

The problem that I (and I’m sure many others) have is saving for a trip away over the Christmas break as well as for Christmas gifts takes priority. So I’ve devised a win-win for everyone: I’m going to check out the cheap travel offers and deals on flights and accommodation for either Fiji or Thailand through my Membership so I don’t break the bank.

4. Christmas Presents

For Christmas gifts, I’m avoiding giving my friends and fam gifts they say they love (which are then retired in the back of their closet by Boxing Day). This year, I’m going to get them eGift Cards which will save me up to 10% and allow them to pick what they really, really want.

5. Ticking Off My Bucket List

I know this is going to sound completely random, but I’ve always wanted to try surfing. Every year I say I’m going to do it, but during these Summer holidays I’m going to stick to my word so I have booked a group lesson at Let’s Go Surfing Maroubra. I also saved 30% with my Membership which I can put towards future lessons if I need them!

Meet the writer: Melissa Davis

Melissa is in the Entertainment Web and Content team in Sydney and specialises in bringing Entertainment Members great deals and offers (you’re welcome!). She has a background in communications and marketing and loves writing. When you combine this with her love of discounts, you can expect to see some deal-hunting highlights!