Making the most of your Entertainment Membership

The COVID-19 situation has impacted many of our partners since March 23 with the closing of many venues. During this time many of our partners have taken the opportunity to reinvent their businesses with offers like takeaway and home delivery, and we have supported them in their endeavours by promoting them as being open for business.

Our members have been somewhat limited in the 2 months due to closure of some restaurants and cafes, however, have still been enjoying the benefits of their memberships through the redeeming of our great shopping and gift card offers, including the new ones added, and supporting the many restaurants who have adjusted their offerings and added takeaway to their businesses.

Many of our merchants are now offering takeaway and honouring the offers within the Entertainment membership! You can view your region on our Takeaway list so it makes it easier for you to order straightaway! We are also working with our merchants and partners to create and support home delivery services so you can access your favourite meals and local services during this time.

With markets and businesses opening up, it is now more important than ever that we support our local communities, so call your favourite restaurant, and ask them if they are accepting our vouchers when you book.

We are committed to supporting over 10,000 businesses who promote over 20,000 offers across ANZ in support of our 16,000 not-for-profit fundraisers and will continue to find new opportunities and offers to enrich the value in every Entertainment Membership.