Rules of Use for your Entertainment Membership

Please note: For all dining offers it is optional for participating businesses to accept your Entertainment Membership on all official Australian and New Zealand Public Holidays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

1.  Entertainment Membership

Your Entertainment Membership needs to be activated on the Entertainment website. Once activated, simply show your phone with the ‘Redeem’ screen to the relevant participating business. Your membership is not transferable.

2.    Redeeming Offers

With the Digital Entertainment Membership, simply present the relevant digital app voucher for the participating business at the time you request your bill or make your purchase to redeem the offer. Carefully read the terms of each offer before using. Offers apply only to the items and terms specified.

3.    Not valid with other third-party offers

Entertainment offers are exclusive and may not be combined with other third-party discount programs.

4.    Dining Section Offers

It is not necessary to identify yourself as an Entertainment Member when making your booking or arriving at the restaurant. Present your phone with the “Redeem” screen visible at the time you request your bill to redeem the offer. You may use each offer once at each restaurant listed in this section. The restaurant’s offer will then appear as “Redeemed” after it has been used.

5.    Valid anytime & Excluded Days

Entertainment’s dining offers are valid at all times throughout the year, except for a few days known as Optional Days. These days include:

  • All Official Australian Public Holidays
  • All Official New Zealand Public Holidays
  • Good Friday
  • Valentines Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day

All other Entertainment Offers are Valid at all times.

6.    Main course offers

The restaurant will deduct the price of the least expensive main course(s), up to the maximum value stated on the offer. Please note the following:

  • If two main courses are not ordered, the least expensive item(s) ordered as a main course will be deducted.
  • When more than two people are dining together, or if multiple Memberships are used, the least expensive main course(s) of the party is / are the one(s) deducted.
  • When adults and children dine together and two or more adult-priced main courses are purchased, the least expensive adult main course is complimentary. If only one adult-priced main course is purchased, then the value of the child’s meal is deducted.

7.    25% off dining offers

When dining at a restaurant where the offer is “25% off the total bill”, the restaurant will deduct 25% off the total bill for the table, up to the maximum value indicated on the offer. If multiple Memberships are used, the deduction is still 25% off the total bill, up to the maximum combined value of the Memberships. 

8.    Restaurant ‘specials’

If the restaurant is running a breakfast, lunch or dinner special/set menu, their offer is still valid. If it incorporates more than one course, the value of the main course portion, or 25% off will be deducted from the bill.

9.  Dining in groups

When more than two people dine together, these rules apply:

  • One bill for the party – no separate bills
  • No more than three Entertainment Digital Memberships per party
  • Number of diners 2, number of Memberships 1
  • Number of diners 3, number of Memberships 1
  • Number of diners 4, number of Memberships 2
  • Number of diners 5, number of Memberships 2
  • Number of diners 6 or more, number of Memberships 3

10.   Solo dining

Some restaurants include a solo dining option clearly marked on the offer. These are valid only when dining alone and may not be used when solo diners join other people at a table.

11.  Dine-in only

Restaurant offers in the Fine and Contemporary Dining, Café and Bistro Dining, and Casual Restaurant and Family Dining categories are valid for dine-in only, unless otherwise stated.

12.  Informal Dining and Takeaway offers

Unless otherwise noted, offers in the Informal Dining and Takeaway category may be used for both takeaway and dine-in (not for delivery unless otherwise stated).

13.  Movie offers

If a movie offer states “no free list” the cinema may be obligated by studio contracts to exclude certain movies. To check, call the cinema or check their website.

14.  Arts, Sports, Attractions, Retail and Local Services offers

Please read each offer for terms and conditions. When using these offers with accompanying children, if two or more adult admissions are purchased, the least expensive adult admission is complimentary, unless otherwise stated.

15.  Shopping, Travel and Leisure

Please refer to the specific terms and conditions for each offer. For the most up to date information about these offers and products, visit our Shopping or Travel pages.

16.  Hotel and Resort Accommodation

Your Entertainment Membership is valid for up to 50% off at over 1,800 leading hotels and resorts. Properties featured in this section may have specific terms and conditions on their page. Please refer to each offer for details and the Hotel Program Rules of Use.

Any changes or updates to these ‘Rules of Use’ can be found at www.my-bookings.com.au

The barter, trade, sale, purchase, or transfer of this Membership or any of its Entertainment Offers, Merchant Redemption Codes, Free Trials, or any other content, by any person or entity, including but not limited to travel services, travel providers, and printers, third party websites, publishers, and distributors of the Membership or any of its Offers, is strictly prohibited, unless expressly authorised by Entertainment Publications Ltd.  All Entertainment Offers are subject to the Entertainment Rules of Use.  Entertainment Publications Ltd. reserves the right to make changes to the Participants and their Offers at its sole discretion.

This Membership and its Offers are intended for the non-profit use of the individual purchaser of this Membership. Additionally, the use of this Membership and its Offers for advertising purposes, in any form or fashion, is strictly prohibited. Any use of Offers in violation of these Rules will render the Offer VOID, and violators will be prosecuted. Offers may not be reproduced and are void where prohibited, taxed, or restricted by law. Entertainment Publications Limited and Entertainment Publications of Australia Pty Ltd, will not be responsible if any establishment breaches its contract or refuses to accept Offers; we will however, use our best efforts to secure compliance. Entertainment Publications of Australia Pty Ltd and Entertainment Limited, will not be responsible in the event of Acts of God, fire, casualties, strike or other events beyond its control.

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